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Austrian Film Museum

The Austrian Film Museum, located in Vienna, is a cultural institution dedicated to preserving and showcasing the rich history of Austrian and international cinema. 

Situated in the heart of Vienna, the Austrian Film Museum stands as a beacon of cinematic heritage, celebrating the art of film in all its forms. Founded in 1964, the museum has been a vital hub for film enthusiasts, scholars, and filmmakers alike, offering a comprehensive exploration of the history, aesthetics, and cultural significance of cinema.


The museum's extensive collection spans a diverse range of cinematic treasures, including classic films, rare footage, historical documents, and memorabilia. Visitors have the opportunity to delve into the archives and discover cinematic gems from Austria and around the world, spanning from the early days of silent cinema to the latest digital innovations.


One of the highlights of the Austrian Film Museum is its curated screenings and retrospectives, which offer audiences the chance to experience classic and contemporary films on the big screen. From timeless masterpieces to groundbreaking avant-garde works, the museum's program showcases the breadth and depth of cinematic expression, providing insights into different genres, movements, and cultural contexts.


In addition to its regular screenings, the museum also hosts special events, lectures, and exhibitions that explore various aspects of film history and theory. These events bring together filmmakers, scholars, and cinephiles to engage in lively discussions and debates about the art and craft of cinema.


The Austrian Film Museum is also actively involved in film preservation and restoration efforts, ensuring that important cinematic works are safeguarded for future generations. Through collaborations with archives, studios, and preservationists, the museum works tirelessly to rescue and revive films that are at risk of being lost to time.


Beyond its role as a repository of cinematic treasures, the Austrian Film Museum is a vibrant cultural center that fosters a deep appreciation for the art of film. Whether you're a seasoned cinephile or a casual moviegoer, a visit to the museum offers a fascinating journey through the history of cinema and a renewed appreciation for the magic of the silver screen.


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