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About Us

myCulture app - your personal art curator.

Our name “myCulture” consists of two words:


- “my” signifies the personalisation of the service provided and stands for the individual interests and preferences of each single user that are considered to present them with the best possible experience. ​​


- “Culture” considers the bigger picture and our long-term goal to not limit our services to visual arts but also include other cultural segments. It further highlights the importance which art plays in the cultural context, of both, artists and viewers. 

Image by Dannie Jing
Our Story

In the beautiful city of Vienna where art and culture thrives, museum-goers and art enthusiasts find joy and inspiration in exploring exhibitions and galleries. However, amidst the vast array of choices, it is often found that it becomes challenging to discover exhibitions that truly resonated with your interests and preferences.  


One day, a group of art lovers was determined to make art exploration easier, so they embarked on a journey to bridge the gap between art enthusiasts and the abundance of cultural experiences available. Armed with determination and a vision, they set out to create something akin to a virtual curator—an intelligent system that could analyse individual tastes and preferences.  


After months of research, development, and sleepless nights, the group finally brought the vision to life—a revolutionary recommendation system for exhibitions and museums. The system, named "myCulture," utilises advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to understand each user's unique preferences to curate personalised recommendations.  


With myCulture, users can simply input their interests, preferred art styles, and even specific artists they admire. The system then works its magic, presenting them with a curated list of exhibitions and museums perfectly tailored to their tastes. 

Our Vision

myCulture envisions a world where art transcends boundaries, fostering openness and empathy among diverse cultures. We strive to create an inclusive art sector that welcomes everyone, ensuring that art is accessible to all, leaving no one behind.

Our Mission

At myCulture, our mission is to transform the art experience by providing personalised recommendations for exhibitions, connecting people with the beauty and diversity of the art world.

Impact Statement

myCulture creates an inclusive art sector with a diverse community and makes art more accessible by providing personalised recommendations for exhibitions.

Unsere Museums-Partner

selected partner museums in Vienna (more in our app)

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